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        Huali Edge Banding & Huali decorative panel Huali Edge Banding & Huali decorative panel

        Decorative Panel

        Edge Banding

        skirting board

        flooring profile

        kitchen skirting

        Huali Edge Banding
        Huali Edge Banding

        Edge Banding :

        A class of multifunctional compounds used to protect and decorate the edge of the board.

        Di?erent grain, pattern, gloss levels and sizes can be designed according to the demand of customers, it can match all kinds of furniture well and it is the essential composition for furniture.

        PRODUCT: Melamine edge-banding, ABS edge-banding, PVC edge-banding, 3D edge-banding, LASER / HOT AIR edge banding etc.


        It is a kind of functional composite material, which is formed by extrusion molding, cutting, then finished by surface treatment.

        Surface treatment can be done by process of coating, oil spraying, printing, transfer printing, etc. Our profile is environment-friendly, smooth, and easy to install. It is widely used in doors, windows, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and interior decoration. It is an indispensable important material for modern home and interior decoration.

        bumper strip, sealing strip, golden-silver line, skirting board, kitchen skirting, wave board, flooring profile, Roman column, door frame etc.

        Environment friendly: using water-based ink and UV ink, lead-free formula. Performance: low smell, stable primer Appearance: stable color, accurate size
        Huali Edge Banding
        Huali Edge Banding

        The surface is embossed with realistic texture, good handfeel, good physical properties and green environmental protection.

        OSB board:

        using formaldehyde free MDI glue, the formaldehyde content is far lower than the international E0 standard (the highest standard), and the benzene content meets the European high environmental standard EN300.


        particle board is made of wood / other lignocellulosic materials, produced with the application of adhesive using heat and pressure.

        Environment friendly : E0 standard, formaldehyde-free Performance : low density, high strength, good waterproof performance. Appearance : European steel plate, good finish effect