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        Comrade He Yuepei, Vice Chairman of Dongguan Municipal People's Congress, visited Huali Corporation for investigation.

        Comrade He Yuepei, Vice Chairman of Dongguan Municipal People's Congress, visited Huali Corporation for investigation.

        publish time:2020.11.09
        On the afternoon of November 5, 2020, He Yuepei, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and his party came to Dongguan Huali Industry Co. Mr. Tan Hongru, Chairman of Huali, and Mr. Xie Zhikun, Vice President of Huali, accompanied the visit.

        He Yuepei (second from right), Vice Chairman of the Dongguan Municipal People's Congress.
        Dongguan Huali Industry Co., Ltd, founded in 1995, based in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, has been deeply engaged in the home decoration industry for more than 20 years, and was successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. With decorative composite materials research and development and design, manufacturing, sales and trade as the cornerstone of the industry, the company has formed two product systems, "Huali Trim" and "Huali Trim Board", and gradually developed into a business segment including home furnishing materials, industrial internet business segment, industrial An integrated holding company in the investment business segment.

        He Yuepei, Vice Chairman of the Municipal People's Congress, and his party visited Huali's exhibition hall to feel the effect and application of the products, and had an in-depth understanding of the company's current manufacturing scale and advanced technology, and encouraged the company to continue to make efforts to catch up with foreign technology and increase the promotion of environmentally friendly materials on the basis of the existing foundation.

        Afterwards, Xie Zhikun briefly introduced the company's operation to Deputy Director He Yuepei. Although the epidemic has brought certain impact on the company's operation, the whole company has made a series of adjustments in the strategic layout and internal management and the production and operation has returned to the level of the same period last year.
        After understanding the business situation, Deputy Director He Yuepei was also very concerned about the children's schooling and family issues of the company's top talents and made a detailed record of the problems that the company urgently needed assistance from relevant departments.

        Finally, Chairman Tan elaborated on the future layout of Huali and introduced the plan of Huali relying on the online platform of Hongwan supply chain to integrate the two lines and help the development of Huali. Deputy Director He Yuepei also expressed his confidence in Huali's future development, and hoped that Huali would take the lead in the industry and make more contributions to the society.