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        Established in 1995 and based in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay
        area, with over 20 years of development, Huali was successfully listed
        on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017.


        Taking R&D, design, manufacturing and sales trade of decorative composite
        materials as the core business, Huali has steadily developed into a
        comprehensive holding enterprise including the Home Materials Sector,
        the Industrial Internet Sector and the Industrial Investment Sector.


        The main products of Home Materials Sector include decorative edge bandings and decorative panels, which are mainly used for panel furniture, interior decoration, and commercial space decoration. Huali is the first edge banding manufacturer in China to break through the monopolization of German technology, and is also the leading maker to formulate the industry standard of China edge banding. The company has production bases in Dongguan (Guangdong), Foshan (Guangdong), Pinghu (Zhejiang), Chongzhou (Sichuan), Huanggang (Hubei) etc. The R & D, design and innovation ability as the core competitiveness are in leading position in the industry. It provides professional design solutions and high-quality home materials products to the world.

        Based on the new information technology, the Industrial Internet Sector is operated by Guangdong Hongwan Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huali. The Industrial Internet Sector builds the vertical internet trading platform for the decorative composite industry, is committed to integrating industry resources and improving the trading efficiency, so as to realize the long-term development of the industry.

        The Industrial Investment Sector is in market-oriented operation, seeks value investment opportunities. It links the emerging industries by investment, explores the company’s future development space, realizes the integration of industry and capital, and brings more vitality into the industry.

        Through the synergistic development of industry, technology and capital, Huali provides customers with quality products and services and strives to become a leading provider of custom-made - finishing materials.

        Note: the industry standard of China edge banding means 《The Technical Requirement of Furniture Edge Banding》(QB/T4463-2013)

        Huali trim

        The edge banding is applicable to the Euro-American environmental standards, such as IKEA, EN71-3, RoHS, REACH, ASTMetc.

        Huali trim

        UV wear-resistant layer

        Water-based ink layer

        Base material layer

        Back coating

        • Professional

          Product personalization professional customization
        • Stable Base Material

          formula system Stable Base Material
        • Wide range of Colors

          Abundant of molds Wide range of colors
        • Superior

          Automation & Standardization Superior quality
        • Large

          Production capacity of 2 billion meters Large scale
        Huali veneer

        Produced with formaldehyde-free adhesive, zero formaldehyde added;

        Huali Decorative Panels are both practical and artistic, the surface is processed by embossing, which has the advantages of
        vivid-texture, good hand feel, good physical performance, environment-friendly etc.

        Huali veneer

        Melamine paper

        Decorative Oriented Strand Board

        Melamine paper

        • Zero formaldehyde

          zero formaldehyde
        • High bending resistance

          High bending resistance
        • Strong nail holding power

          Strong nail holding power
        • Anti-pollution and moisture proof

          Anti-pollution and moisture proof
        • High wear resistance

          High wear resistance
        • Strong impact resistance

          Strong impact resistance
        Production process and performance comparison of different board

        Edge Banding Production Lines

        Performance modulation Process Performance modulation Process
        Performance modulation Process
        Extrusion process Extrusion process
        Printing Process Printing Process

        Decorative Panel Production Lines

        Decorative Panel Production Lines